Setting up and Managing Schools

We provide essential advice to those involved in founding new schools and developing existing schools, based on the expertise of our team of international educators and management consultants.
To ensure the success of an international school it is important for the founders to have a powerful vision and to define its mission in a lucid statement. This has become even more vital as the number of international schools multiplies, particularly in Asia. From the vision and mission statement should flow the school’s policies on all aspects of the curriculum, learning and teaching, management, student admissions and teacher recruitment.
Our Advisory Team includes business entrepreneurs and managers, heads of school, curriculum developers, language and communications experts. The members of the team have proven track records in renowned educational institutions in Asia, Europe and North America, including International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools. They can advise effectively, drawing from wide experience, on all stages of establishing and building up a successful international school from initial planning to student progression to illustrious universities, including:
 Vision and Mission  Teacher salary structure
 Governance  Curriculum (including external examinations)
 Finance  Academic structure
 Accreditation (e.g. ECIS, NEASC, IB)  Learning and teaching policy
 Target student group  Assessment policy (including external examinations)
 Admissions policy  Pastoral care
 Leadership structure  Health and safety
 Teacher recruitment policy  School-community relations