Why partner with us

Our core business is the establishment and continuous improvement of schools. The Group has a proven track record as an education development and management specialist. Our team of experts all have the highest credentials and experience in the development and management of schools. We has brought together educational professionals who have developed and managed schools in a range of national and educational settings. Our experience includes the management of government schools, international schools, private schools, boarding schools, day schools, single sex and coeducational schools. There are very few organisations that can bring such a broad base of experience to the development of schools.

Teachers-to-GO! by PGEM has an extensive and established network of specialist providers that will be engaged to support and enhance the core functions of the Group. This network includes, specialists in health and safety, security, student diet, specialist room design, classroom furniture, equipment and textbook procurement, uniform design, after school activities, service projects, sport, music and drama specialists and after school tutoring. Very few other organisations can rapidly engage this level of technical skill to ensure our clients receive a school that reflect community expectations and provides a genuine 21st learning environment.