How to Keep Yourself Motivated (and Beat Laziness)

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated (and Beat Laziness)

Date posted: Aug 06, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Love, they say is the strongest force here on earth, I beg to disagree. It’s another L word that is so powerful, and if you fail to beat it you’ll be whatever you are now, forever.


You’re not gonna grow, not improve, not get better – you are just going to deteriorate.


Laziness, that’s what it is.


 Sometimes what hinder you to achieve your dreams aren’t really the obstacles, but your utter laziness. There’s nothing really wrong with being lazy, every one of us feels that once in a while. The thing is, it’s bad if you let it corrupt you and not even try to find a way to fight it.


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Jim Rohn


Here 3 things to remember to keep yourself motivated.


  1. Never ever get lazy motivating yourself, and for the love of humanity, don’t ever say ‘No, I’m not going to motivate myself because nothing happens anyway.” Nothing will happen if you do not believe and do something to make things happen.


  1. Believing in what you want isn’t enough; it is must that you should believe in yourself as well. Believe that you can and you will. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘It only seems impossible until it’s done.’


  1. X to Y by When. Set your goals and keep track of it, remember that you will only reach your goals if you do something to achieve it. Whether it’s huge or small, do something that will help you achieve your dreams.

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