The After Summer

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The After Summer

Date posted: Aug 20, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

The After Summer

   In few days, summer will be over. The kids are now back from their summer escapades, each of them carrying a bag of wonderful experiences.

Jeremy passed his Chemistry exam, with flying colors, I must say. Teachers-to-GO!’s LIVE! 1-on-1 Online tutoring truly helped him. Czarina, being the leader she is, helped a lot of students with her blog post. She’s also makes sure; she’s not missing anything with After School Online Classes. Clara’s doing well with her Language course; she can converse minimal Korean phrases already, she’s pretty fast.

   Sir William inspired his co-teachers to join Teachers-to-GO! And he continuously shares his passion for knowledge with his students. Minsu’s up with the challenges he’s going to face in college, showing his true athlete prowess. Kirk’s, the master mind of these, had his heart melted when he immersed with the people of Thailand, he’s also planning to visit a different country next year.

   Hiroshi was more encouraged to pursue his dream as a writer. He secretly thanked Minsu for indirectly helping him. Lien Hua, she’s planning to Join Kirk in next years’ Service learning project, but they are still planning where to visit.

   And I, I enjoyed helping these kids to see what they want to become. I know I am not the only one who feels this. As a teacher, helping students to go far with their dreams is enough for us. Am I right, teachers?

   But do you know who I am? I’ve been constantly appearing everywhere in the teachers-to-GO! world. You’ve probably seen me flying, suddenly appearing, and always helping the students and teachers who are in need. I wear a green suit and blue cape! I am not a super hero, but I am a super teacher! I am Super Keen!

   Just like these students, I am also more than willing to help you! In any way, anytime! Just remember, if you need someone to help you with your homework and schoolwork, Super Keen is here for you!