Short Story: Theodore Lee part 1

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 1

Date posted: Aug 28, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Theodore Lee

The new kid in town

Part 1

Today is pretty special, it’s not my birthday, but it feels like I’m gonna be born again. Not that I knew how it was, it just sorta feels like that. I’d be in a new place today because today is my first day in Middle School. Yes, I’m pretty nervous; I don’t know much about this town since we just moved in.


Mama said that people here are nice, she grew up here anyway. Of course, I trust her, but maybe it’s because I feel so foreign here that’s why I can’t calm myself down.


It’s not supposed to be a problem, everyone gets nervous but in my case, if I get too nervous my asthma may attack. That’s the least thing I’d want to happen, not that I am not used it but because it’s pretty troublesome.


We were from the city, but the doctor told Mama and Papa that the pollution in the city worsens my condition. So we moved here, in the suburbs, nice fresh clean air for me. At first I thought Ma and Pa would be hesitant, they have their lives in City. Ma is a writer for children’s book and Pa is a teacher. Luckily before we moved here, Pa found a job and Ma’s doesn’t really require her to go outside our home.


“Honey, are you ready?” Ma said, from the kitchen, she’s probably preparing my lunch. I said yes loud enough for her to hear.


And before I let you see my life and how it’s going to be, let me introduce myself.


I’m Theodore Lee, it’s my first day today in middle school. I’m not just a new kid at school, I’m also a new kid here in town, I’m just new here and I don’t know much.


To be Continued…


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