10 Easy Tips On Good Note-taking that Works

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10 Easy Tips On Good Note-taking that Works

Date posted: Sep 03, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

10 Easy Tips On Good Note-taking That Works


Most students would probably say that they don’t need to take notes anymore, especially if they could just get a handout or a soft copy on their flash drives.


The thing with that kind of thinking and habit is you are more likely to forget the important information that way.


Here are 10 easy tips on good note-taking.


  1. If you are allowed to change seats, it would be better if you could sit closer to where your teacher is.

  2. Don’t try to write everything your teacher says. Main points and sub main points will do.

  3. Write the explanations on your own words (unless verbatim is needed), It will be easier for you to remember it.

  4. Write notes accurately, names, dates, everything you need to take note of.

  5. Listen carefully on the words your teacher gives stress; it means that it is likely to be important.

  6. You should also watch out for keywords such as first, second, moreover, furthermore, and finally.

  7. If you miss an important point, leave space for it and ask your classmates or teacher about it later.

  8. Write Legibly.

  9. Use symbols instead of the actual word, for example, substitute ‘and’ to ‘&’, ‘plus’ to ‘+’, etc.

  10. Make sure to review your notes after class, it will help you to remember the information you’ve just learned.

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