Short Story: Theodore Lee part 3

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 3

Date posted: Sep 08, 2015       Posted by: Silvester


Theodore Lee  Part 3

The Big Guy


To say that I’m scared is the understatement of the year. My knees are shaking; I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to reach my classroom without suddenly collapsing on the floor.


Pa had wanted to walk me to my classroom, I don’t know what came to me, but I turned him down, five times! It clearly made him sad and it made me more scared. But now I’m walking on the corridor, I’m like a clownfish swimming in the sea of gold fishes. We’re both orange, but my white stripes set me apart from them.


Back in my old school, I never had a friend who is not a girl. I almost had one back in first grade, but he stopped talking to me when our classmates started teasing me that I looked like a girl. I always had been small and petite, and not to forget my pale skin. I never wanted to look like this, but I never hated it either. I find it okay, not bad just okay, but what isn’t okay is that I am like this because of my sickness, which I never wanted to have.


Not only it kept me away from other kids, but it also pushed me too far from them. Except for the few girls who don’t like sweating, playing under the sun, and getting tired.


When I reached my classroom, it’s already full. The only vacant seats left were on the far end of the room. As if they planned this, the other kids started whispering to each other when I walked towards the empty seat.


The girl on my right faced me after I sat down; she pinched my cheeks and smiled. “I’m Lilith! I heard you’re new here, let’s be friends!” I was about to answer her when our teacher came in and made all the students quiet. She then mouthed a ‘later’ before turning to the front.


“Hello, class! Isn’t it nice to see you all again?” So what I’ve been thinking is correct, I’m really the new kid here, I mean, the only new kid here. “But before that, let me tell you that you have new classmates.” This is also what I’ve been thinking of, Introducing myself in front of the other kids.


After introducing myself, a boy who’s almost twice as me shouted “He’s so tiny!” while laughing then a boy came in the classroom. Oh, that’s right, the teacher said classmates, not a classmate.


“Hello! I’m Ivan, I’m new here like him,” he said looking at me, “please be nice to us.” He smiled cheerfully, and I guess not all big guys are mean. Maybe Ivan is a bit different, maybe he would be a little different.


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