9 Things Students Should Always Remember

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9 Things Students Should Always Remember

Date posted: Sep 14, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Summer is over; let’s welcome the start of the new school year. It’s a new year for us to learn more things, to do better in school, to do better in life.

As it starts, there are few things that you should remember.

1. Enjoy every moment

Cliché as it is, don’t rush in life. Don’t wish to grow faster, to be an adult faster. You’ll never know what it will give you. And this is not a race; instead what matters are your experiences.

2. Give your 100%

Learn to give your one hundred percent. Sure, it will be hard and you’ll never know what could happen. But look on the brighter side; you did your best and if it wasn’t enough, maybe it’s not your best yet.

3. Learn more

There’s this notion that learning only happens inside the four corners of a classroom. I beg to disagree, learning can and does happen everywhere. Learning is also not confined with academics.

4. Try new things

Have you always thought about learning how to play an instrument? Or learning a new skill? You should try it, you may not be good on the first try, but you will be. And remember that these things do not happen overnight.

5. Be braver

Did you know that it’s not actually failure that kills your dreams; it’s your doubt and fear.

6. Do great things for yourself

Don’t be envious of other people’s achievements; they are walking a different path from yours. It may have similarities, but yours will always be different. Do great things for yourself and for your dreams.

7. Be responsible

Learning how to be responsible at a young age will pay off once you’re older. Trust me, it will.

8. Take calculated risks

You should think, not overthink, on the things that you will do. Give it a thought or two, think of its outcome then give it a go.

9. Plan

You will be able to get what you want easier if you think of ways on how to get it. But make sure to make it flexible.



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