Short Story: Theodore Lee part 4

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 4

Date posted: Sep 15, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Theodore Lee Part 4

Powerpuff girls

In my previous school, our seats are in alphabetical order. I’m usually around the middle, but since my previous teachers knew my case, they’d usually put me on the first row. I don’t have a problem with that, I actually liked that I don’t have to put much effort to try to hear what my teachers say because I’m just in front of them. Now I’m at the back, the teacher asked earlier if we want to be seated in alphabetical order, most of my classmates said that they like wherever they are now. So yeah, now I’m still here at the back.

I don’t have problems with my eyesight, they’re actually really good. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll see through the board on the back of my classmate’s head. Lilith noticed it, she looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I’m really good at listening and writing all at once, I can share you my notes!”

I smiled at her and said thank you. I’m actually good at those two too, it’s just that there are too many heads in front of me, it would have been okay if I’m not as small as I am.

“Miss Dina! The new kid is not writing!” the big kid who laughed at me earlier shouted when he heard what Lilith said. “He even scared Lilith so she could write for him!” what? I did not say that! But instead of saying it, all words got stuck on my throat.

“That is not true, Miss Dina!” Lilith said, stealing our teacher’s attention from me. “I offered him my notes because he’s having a hard time writing with all those head blocking his view!”

“See how much he scared Lilith, that she has to defend him with lies?” the kid shouted to Miss Dina,
“is that true, Theodore?” She asked me. I wanted to say no but it felt like my whole body stopped moving, like my heart stopped pumping blood and my tears started falling. Even though I didn’t want them to!

“No! Miss Dina, Theodore is not lying. I heard what Lilith said and I saw Theodore’s really having a hard time writing. I was also about to offer him help, Lilith just said it sooner.” And Lilith and Ivan continued defending me like I don’t know to help myself from this.

“What are you?! Powerpuff Girls!” the big kid said.

“Zedrick! That’s not nice! Okay kids, go back to writing. Theodore, do you want me to put you in the front?”

“It’s okay Miss Dina, we will just share our notes with him. He can put all his attention to listening to you and if he’s here, we can protect him.” Ivan said and Lilith nodded.

To be continued…


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