How to be Awesome in School in 7 Ways

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How to be Awesome in School in 7 Ways

Date posted: Sep 23, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Here are 7 ways to be cool in school:

1. Make new friends.

Making new friends and getting to know a lot of people will help getting your name out there more. Befriend kids from different social groups. Be nice and smile to people. Speak to them and know who they are. To be interesting, be interested.

2. Join orgs and clubs.

Student organizations and clubs will help you meet more people faster. Make sure to join clubs that interests you or where your skills and talents lie. If you like what you are doing, there is a better chance for you to excel and to shine. People will start recognizing you. In addition, your small successes will increase your self-esteem and encourage you to further improve yourself.

3. Try out for the sports team.

Find a sport that you are interested in and you are good at then attend a tryout. Varsity players are some of the most popular kids in school, generally because they represent the school in sports competitions. But before you do this, you should know that being an athlete requires a lot of discipline, stamina, dedication, and good attitude.

4. Go to parties.

Figure out who throws the best parties and find a way to get invited. Go with your friends or go solo. Enjoy and have fun mingling with people. But avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and the like. A recent study shows that teenagers who exhibited “mature behaviors” beyond their age experienced more problems with criminal behavior and substance addiction as they grew older. You don’t want to go that pathway.

5. Do well in your studies.

Though being popular is one of your priorities right now, there is more to life after high school. College and beyond are different ballgames so you have to prepare for them. Get good grades. Learn a lot. Be on your best behavior. You will reap the rewards later in life.

6. Find a comfortable balance.

To be cool is to find a balance between your true self and what is acceptable to your peers so that you can fit in. Pursue your interests but be cautious on how much you want others to know about it. For example, you are into Japanese Manga and you cannot sleep until you watch “Naruto.” Will people continue talking to you if you always end your sentences with “Dattebayo!” Naruto-styel?

7. Take care of yourself.

To present the best version of yourself to your peers, you should take care of yourself. Practice good hygiene such as taking regular showers, brushing teeth, using deodorant, and wearing a pleasant scent. Schedule regular visits to the salon, gym, dentist, and doctor to keep your body in tip top shape. If you follow any religion or abide by any faith, enrich your spiritual life with daily inspirational readings, prayers, meditation, and worship with fellow believers.

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