Short Story: Theodore Lee part 6

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 6

Date posted: Sep 29, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Theodore Lee

Powerpuff Girls .2

Part 6


Powerpuff girls. That’s what the other kids call us now. Miss Dina agreed with Ivan’s suggestion. I’m glad for what they did for me but I feel sorry for Ivan, he’s a boy but he’s now called one of the powerpuff girls. He just transferred here like me and he shouldn’t feel what only I should feel.

“Don’t worry Theodore, we will protect you!” Ivan said after Miss Dina went back to the front. Zedrick, the big kid who doesn’t like me looked at us and smirked.

When lunch time came the three of us sat together but the other kids wouldn’t stop calling us powerpuff girls. When we passed by this one table in the canteen, Zedrick’s friend threw me a paper and mouthed ‘open it’, so I did. It has Powerpuff Girls written on it with poorly drawn characters on it too. Ivan took it and threw it on the trash can.

“Don’t mind them, Theodore.” I tried and it wasn’t really that hard when Lilith and Ivan wouldn’t stop telling me cool stories. I found out that Lilith sings and she’s doing it in every place she can. She said she sings in hotels and restaurants with her parents. She came from a family who adores music a lot.

“I would like to invite you two sometime!”

“That would be cool! Right Theodore?” I nodded weakly but I can’t really say yes. I don’t know if my parents would allow me, I think they would only let me go there if they are with me.

“You know what; you can also watch me on my games! I play soccer, let’s play sometime Theodore.” With so much excitement in his voice, it would be hard for me to say no, but Mama said lying is bad.

“I… would really love too… but, I have ashmahhh.” I said and I kinda mumbled the last word.

“What did you say?” Lilith said moving her face closer to mine and Ivan raised his forehead and moved closer too.

“Asthma” I replied, giving them both a short eye contact before looking down.

“What is asthma?” Lilith whispered now our heads were right next to each other. They probably thought it was a secret so they moved closer to me. We probably looked funny so I imitated them and answered,

“It’s a lung disease which cause a difficulty in breathing. That’s what the doctor said, but in other words It’s having hard time breathing especially when doing something tiring.”

Both of them nodded, Ivan looked disappointed, but he smiled immediately and said

“It’s okay, you can watch me with Lilith while I play.” With his thumb sticking upwards and all his fingers were curved towards his palm.

“I can do that too!” Said Lilith and mimicked what Ivan did. Lilith took my hand arranged my finger so I could do it.

“That’s our official sign then!” Ivan said.


To be continued…


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