Theodore Lee Surprise! Part 2

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Theodore Lee Surprise! Part 2

Date posted: Oct 13, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Surprise! Part2

Part 7


I used to have Mama as my tutor back when I was younger; she would still do it sometimes because I’ve been really good keeping up with my studies.  But there are times that it’s really hard to keep up especially when I’m always running after my breath.

“So, what do you think about it?” Papa asked me, looking hopeful.

“That would be nice…” I smiled as I replied.

“Yeah, that would be nice!” Mama replied happily, Papa looked like he was so glad he found out about the online tutoring.

“I thought so too. It’s very convenient, isn’t it? I’m so glad people come up with more and more brilliant ideas like this. It would be such a great help for you Theodore!” Papa said while picking me up from the couch, he then danced around the living room as I laughed with Mama.

Mama relaxed more on the couch and said, “So, can I see it?”

Papa then stopped moving around and put me beside Mama, “Oh yeah, wait let me get my laptop.” Papa said as he made his way to their bedroom. When he came back, he sat beside me.


“It is” he said as he typed those letters, “Connecting students to the best teachers around the globe…” Mama read.

“Papa, who is he?” I asked him as I pointed towards the man in the center who is wearing a bright green suit and blue cape.

“That’s Super Keen! He’s a super teacher who saves students!” I nodded and looked more at Super Keen. The website is actually cute. Papa then scrolled down and watched the video.

Mama and Papa browsed the website, talking about the tutors and its services. Papa then created a parent account so he could browse the website’s features more.

“Are you going to create me an account too?” I asked him.

“Yes, big boy! But let me browse this first so we’re sure of its quality, okay?” He said while patting my cheeks softly. He also said I would use LIVE! 1-on-1 Tutoring and Homework help.


To be continued…


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