Short Story: Theodore Lee part 8

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 8

Date posted: Oct 22, 2015       Posted by: Silvester

Theodore Lee


Part 8


When I was about to get off from the car, I noticed Lilith and Ivan in front of the gate. As soon as they noticed me they waved happily, Papa seemed to noticed it and said, “Are they your friends?” I nodded and asked him if he would like to meet my friends.

“Good morning Lilith, good morning Ivan.” I greeted them as soon as I got off, Papa then walked closer to me.

“Good morning too, Theodore! Is he your Daddy?” Lilith said as she smiled to Papa, “Hello Mr. Lee!” Ivan also greeted him which Papa gladly returned and shook their hands, Ivan laughed at and said, “Is this how adults introduce to each other?” I didn’t know that it’s how adults do it, Papa always shakes my hands whenever we give each other a deal.

Ivan then held his hand in front of me and said, “Hello Mr. Theodore Lee! I’m Ivan Raskin.” With a poor imitation of a grown up’s voice. I shook his hand and we both laughed.

“Don’t worry Mr. Lee, we will take care of Theodore.” Lilith then told Papa and shook his hand again when Ivan and I started laughing. Papa laughed at it too, he looked like he wanted to stay a little longer with us. It was probably the first time he saw me laughing with other kids, but he had to leave for work and the bell rang already.


“Dreams.” Miss Dina said as she stood in front of the class, looking at us while smiling. “Have you thought already of what you want to become when you grow older?” She said and walked around the room.

“Why don’t we start with…” She said and closed her eyes, with her right index finger tapping on her temple. “Zedrick.” Zedrick looked surprised when his name was called. He was trying to make himself small so he will not be called, but even with Miss Dina’s eyes closed, he still get to be noticed.

“Umm...” he said and shyly stood up; “umm…” it looked like he too doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, like me.

“Well, it’s fine if you haven’t thought of that yet. You guys are still young anyway, but is there anyone who knows what they want to become already?” Both Lilith and Ivan raised their hands, they even laughed at each other when they noticed.

“Yes, Lilith?” Lilith then stood up with a smile on her face and said, “I want to be a musical actress.”

As soon as Lilith finished talking, almost every kid in the room ‘ooh-ed’ over at her, while Zedrick has a scowl on his face.

“That is so nice, Lilith! What about you Ivan?” Miss Dina said and she looked pleased with Lilith’s answer.

“I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up!” Ivan proudly announced and Lilith and I couldn’t help but clap our hands.


To be continued…


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