Short Story: Theodore Lee part 9

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Short Story: Theodore Lee part 9

Date posted: Nov 23, 2015       Posted by: Teachers-to-GO!

The other kids were awed by Lilith’s and Ivan’s confidence, and it somehow pushed them to raise their hands and share their answers too. Miss Dina seemed to be really glad with how she questions her students up. After praising my friends, she looked at me for a while, like she’s battling with her own thoughts if she should ask me or not.

She squinted her eyes then quickly turned away from me and called another person. It then started to become noisy, everyone wanted to speak and join, even Zedrick tried to raise his hand.

Almost half of the class was able to share their answers already. I just kept quiet, listening to their answers, thinking if their answers would fit me. Some did, most were just too much for me or for my weak body, but there’s something I remembered, this was something I’ve always wanted to become before my asthma got really bad.

“How about you, Theodore?” The whole classroom suddenly fell quiet. Like everyone turned their heads to me and all their attentions were on me. Ivan whispered, “You can do it, Dude!” when I didn’t answer instantly, Lilith game me a comforting smile. I really hate it when I get attentions like this.


“Again, Theodore?” Miss Dina said, I didn’t realize that I was barely making a sound.

“I want to be a Teacher.” I repeated, I looked at her and looked back on my hands quickly.

“Theodore.” She said and so I looked back at her, I was almost ready for a scolding. Ma told me it’s bad not to look at people’s eyes when you talk to them.

When I turned my eyes on her, she was smiling. Then the whole class started clapping like they did with Ivan and Lilith.

“Why do you want to become a teacher?” she asked and she was still smiling.

“A teacher once told me that policemen, lawyers, doctors, engineers wouldn’t be what they are if it wasn’t because of their teachers. Teachers have a big influence on a child’s future and just by seeing these children grow and become successful are enough for them to say they have succeeded too.”

“Wow! This teacher seemed to be really good and nice that you have learned something like this from him or her.”

I smiled at her and said, “Of course, he is my Papa after all.”


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