Tips on Applying for College on Your Own

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Tips on Applying for College on Your Own

Date posted: Dec 15, 2015       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

You may be thinking about applying for college alone. This is great, as this would slowly prepare you for college. You don’t have to fret and squeal in horror because remember: YOU GOT THIS. Whether your parents are not available or you are trying to be totally independent in preparation for college, we have got useful tips for you.


1. Start organizing and researching even before you start your senior year in high school. List down the schools that you want to apply to, research those thoroughly, and know what their requirements are. Collect the information that you need to start applying. Plot your schedule, and plan everything ahead of time. Take small steps if you have to, and do not overwhelm yourself with too much tasks.

2. Take full advantage of your current school’s resources. Talk to your teachers and ask them questions. Not only will they be very pleased to know that you are actually interested about making your future a better one, but they offer the best advice, too. Your school’s guidance counselors know a lot about College Application as well. They care about your future, your education, interests, and even about your family. Guidance counselors and teachers can also write you great recommendation letters. They can also act as your parents, and they could very well help you with talking to several colleges that you are planning to apply to.

3. Research about your preferred college, and how to contact them. You can talk to college officials if you find yourself confused and dazed about the whole process. Ask for the financial aid or admissions office at your preferred college, and talk to them about your financial concerns, and any other concern that you have.

4. Take a tour around your preferred college’s campus. If you find yourself intimidated by the thought of this, you can ask a friend to come with you. Visiting colleges is fun, as you get to see (and sometimes even experience) how to live like a college student. If you are concerned about the financial resources to be able to make the visit possible, you can reach out to the college officials and ask if they provide free campus trips.

Going through college alone should not be scary and intimidating. Teachers-to-GO! University Counseling is here knowing what to do and who to ask for help is the key.

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