Fig’s Special New Year

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Fig’s Special New Year

Date posted: Jan 06, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

Fig Harper loves New Year celebrations. He loves how he gets to bond with his family over the holidays, and how everyone seems so festive and kind. He also loves hearing and seeing fireworks light up the sky.

Fig studies at the University of Miami, and he only goes back home every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. This year though, his whole family surprised him by visiting him in Miami, instead of him coming home. He felt really happy as he will be spending New Year’s Eve with his family in one of his favorite places in the world.

“Hey Fig, where’s your girlfriend? Why isn’t she here with us?” Fig’s brother, Mik, said as he teases his little brother. “Okay Mik, you know there’s no one… yet. I will find that girl, and I will make sure to bring her to meet you guys when I find her.” Fig exclaimed. “Hey mom, dad, what do you want to do for New Year’s Eve?” “Your dad and I were thinking of going to Bal Harbour for the New Year’s Eve. We figured seeing the fireworks from there would be amazing.” Fig’s mom exclaimed. “Great idea, mom! We can eat out, and then wait for the countdown in Bal Harbour. That place is amazing.” Said Fig.

As usual, Bal Harbour looked amazing. The shops are filled with people doing their holiday shopping, and the beach is packed with kids. The restaurants are all filled with laughter and joy by different families.

Before dinner, Fig decided to take a walk at the beach. He wanted to smell the fresh breeze of the sea, as well as enjoy the feeling of sand on his feet. While taking a walk, a beautiful young woman approached him. “Alone at New Year’s Eve, huh?” the lady said. “Oh… hey! No, I’m actually with my family, I just decided to drop by the beach to get some fresh air. Sorry, have we met before?” Fig asked. “No. I just felt like striking a conversation with you, I thought you were alone, and maybe you needed someone to share the New Year’s Eve with. So that’s what I did.” “That’s really nice of you! Who are you with? And may I know your name? By the way, I’m Fig.” Fig stretched his hand out for a handshake, but instead, the girl just smiled at him. “I’m with my friends over there.” She then pointed at her friends. “Hey do you want to do something crazy, like… go for a swim with me?” “Right now?! We can’t see anything, and I don’t have any extra clothes!” Fig said. “Oh come on, be a little spontaneous!” Fig then thought about it then said “What the heck, alright.”

They swam for a while, and then lay on the sand for a while. They talked about so many things; things they are going through in college, their past, their families, their friends, home, and so on. They had fun.

When it was almost 12 AM, the girl then said goodbye. “Hey look, I have to go now. My friends might be waiting for me, they might be worried.” “Oh, no worries. I have to get back to my family as well. But can I get your name and number, at least?” Fig asked. “Oh, you’d have to work on that.” The girl said, smiling. She then walked away. Fig tried to follow her, but to no avail. There were so many people on the beach that night that he lost her immediately. Disappointed, Fig decided to go back to his family. They spent the night watching the fireworks display, eating, and just enjoying the New Year’s Eve.

That was until a familiar voice came calling his name. “Hey, Fig!” It was her. She was smiling as she approached Fig. As surprised and confused as he is, Fig managed to answer back. “What… Why… What are you doing here?” “I go to this school, too.” The girl said, still smiling. “But look, I have to go and attend my first class. I can’t be late. I’ll see you later at the Hip Café, yes? Around 4 PM?” The girl said, walking away. “And oh, it’s Lana.” She said, smiling and slowly turning away from Fig.


And slowly, Fig started walking to his class as well. He just can’t help but smile. The rest, just like others say it, is history.

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