Tips on How to Apply for College for Students with Poor Grades

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Tips on How to Apply for College for Students with Poor Grades

Date posted: Jan 13, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

Getting good grades is never easy. You have to work hard for it, you have to earn it. When you’re a senior in high school, it’s easy to get stressed out with all the requirements that you have to take care of regarding your college application. Getting stressed out and having poor grades are always related, and watching your grades isn’t always easy.

Letting your grades slip is a big no-no, especially if you’re on your last year of high school. However, if you feel like it is inevitable and it has already happened, here are four tips that will help you pass that application for your dream college:

  1. Admit your mistakes and be completely honest about it. You, for one, are only human. You make mistakes. Be honest about what happened and offer them an explanation. It can be about being too busy with other stuff such as family issues, feeling too pressured with school work, and the likes. Whatever the reason is, just be sure to be honest and transparent when citing your reasons. You can include your explanation in your college personal statement. Just own up to it, be mature about it, and say that you have learned from your own mistakes, and will try your best never to repeat them again.
  2. Talk to your teachers and counselors, and get recommendation letters from them. If you are experiencing personal problems, the best people to talk to in school are your guidance counselors and teachers. Develop a good relationship with them, and they might just be able to help out with your problems. This way, they would understand what you are going through, which would help them explain why you got those low grades through their letter of recommendation.
  3. If you have low grades, the best time to apply for college is during the regular admission. Most of the seniors apply for college during the early admissions, and it could get very competitive. It’s much better to wait and use the extra time to study and improve your GPA. If you need tutors and guidance, Teachers-to-GO! has a lot of experienced online tutors which can help you improve your academics.
  4. If you feel like you are not ready to take on the challenges of your dream college, start at a community college. Community college gives you the chance to improve your grades and maintain a perfect grade point average. Teachers at a community college are better prepared to handle students who need improvement in their grades. When you’re done with community college and you feel like you are ready to take on the challenges that your dream college may bring, then go ahead and apply.

You don’t have to sulk and get disappointed, as there are many ways to improve your grades. Just remember to know your goals and stay focused, and everything will be alright.



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