9 Signs That Mean You Can’t Move On From the Holiday Break

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9 Signs That Mean You Can’t Move On From the Holiday Break

Date posted: Jan 14, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

1. You Start to Daydream about the food you’ve eaten during the Holidays.


2. You wonder why alarm clocks were even made.

...And if it’s possible to destroy them all.

3. You feel sleepy and lethargic during your 2 PM class, and you’re having a hard time keeping your eyes open.

You used to sleep after lunch during the holidays, so there’s that.

4. Your find it hard to focus on anything inside the classroom.

Your teacher’s words sound like a language from Mars.

5. You start eating lunch, and then have flashbacks of the fun you had during the holidays.

And you start tearing up.

6. You force yourself to answer this surprise quiz, but your mind is currently still fogged with food, and family, and friends, and trips, and all things holiday.

You accidentally write “Roast Beef” on your paper. Oops.

7. You start staring at the clock, thinking it would go faster if you do.

You swear you can hear every tick of it.

8. Finally, it’s time to go home!

It seems like the bus home is taking forever to arrive. Whyyyy?!

9. But then you remember that it’s all for your future.

And that pushes you to go through the whole semester. You go, champ!



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