5 Relatable Back-to-School Moments

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5 Relatable Back-to-School Moments

Date posted: Jan 15, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

So, it’s finally time to go back to school. You might still be hung over from all the holiday festivities, and might feel like you’re not ready to go back just yet. We have compiled some of the funniest back-to-school moments that every high school student has gone through.

1. Trying to stay awake in class:

2. And going home after school:

3. This chart which represents your feelings about going back to school:

4. When your teacher asks for your homework but you realize that you totally forgot about it:

5. But of course, seeing you high school buddies makes going back to school actually pretty exciting:

Going back to school shouldn’t always be a pain. And if ever you need help, don’t forget that you could always count on Teachers-to-GO! for your tutoring needs. Now, go ahead and enjoy your first day back in school!


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