Six High School Fashion Trends for Girls You Would Want to Try

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Six High School Fashion Trends for Girls You Would Want to Try

Date posted: Mar 04, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

Who wouldn’t want to cop the latest fashion trends? We all want to be in style, as this makes us look so much better and presentable. As girls, it’s in our nature to always want to shop for clothes, bags, makeup, and everything else. The fashion world is continuously evolving, and as a high school student, I am pretty sure you always want to know what’s currently “in style”. Read on to find out the latest fashion trends for girls in high school and college.

“The Laid Back Chic”

A loose tee with long sleeves, tattered pants, comfy sneakers, a backpack, and men’s watch completes this look.

“The Country but Hip Look”

Put on a top with faux fur, a cute skirt, a girly backpack, high-cut oxford shoes, a pair of earrings and a bracelet, and you’re good to go!

“The ‘I am a Bit Cold’ Look”

Scarves never go out of style, and they should definitely be a staple on your closet. Just pair it with a cute dress and a pair of boots, and you’re done!

“The I-Am-Kind-Of-A-Hippie Look”

Cop this look by pairing a t-shirt with a unique print with a pair of pants. Fold the end of your pants, wear a pair of oxford shoes and glasses, and voila!

“The Cool Gal Look”

Ah, the girl who always seems to look “chill”. This is probably one of the most popular looks among high school girls. All you need are a pair of Chucks, knee-high socks, a black skirt, a backpack, a tank top paired with a denim jacket, and of course, a bonnet.

“The Popular and Stylish Girl Look”

These girls are always the first ones to cop the latest styles in fashion. Cop their style by pairing a loose knit sweater with a cute pink skirt, knee-high boots, and socks.