Eureka! (The party, my Bestfriend and my Chemistry Exam)

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Eureka! (The party, my Bestfriend and my Chemistry Exam)

Date posted: Jun 01, 2015       Posted by: Teachers-to-GO!

Eureka! (The party, my Bestfriend and my Chemistry Exam)

Written by: Kathy Tan


Jeremy’s Entry

The ball of sunshine, the social butterfly, the everyone’s friend, that’s me! Jeremy! It’s not that I can’t stay with one place or I have ADHD (probably), it’s just that I enjoy seeing a glimpse of everyone’s world. It’s not also because I feel lonely when no one’s around, I love my solitude too but it’s because people’s presence cheers me up (no! no! I don’t absorb their energy! I actually share it with them!)

My friends would usually want me to be present in every party, get together, outings, or even during lunch. They won’t admit it, but they love my presence as much as I love theirs. I sometimes even face problems like where should I go, this party or that outing? Being like me is tough! Everyone wants you to be wherever they are that sometimes you lose time for yourself, for your studies.

Like the dilemma I’m having right now, it’s Hiroshi’s birthday the day after tomorrow and he’s expecting me to be there! Of course, I would want to be there! I would want to be present on my best friend's birthday! But the problem is I have my Chemistry exam the day after his birthday! It would have been fine if it was English, but it’s Chem! And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m miserably failing that subject. Good thing my friend Pat, who is not friends with Hiroshi, offered a tutoring session with me but then it just so happened that she scheduled it on Hiroshi’s birthday!

So now I’m trying to browse my Chemistry books and take as much as I can. And I’m starting to get frustrated because I DON’T UNDERSTAND A THING.

Oh wait, Kirk sent me a link about this online tutoring. What was that again? Teachers… something. Oh! Teachers-to-GO!

Be right back! Let me browse this website and try to see if it can answer my dilemma. I’ll be back very soon and I’ll tell you about it.

To be Continued…