5 Must-Reads for Every High School and College Student

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5 Must-Reads for Every High School and College Student

Date posted: Mar 11, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

Books will never grow old. They literally will, but I guess we can all agree that we will never get tired of reading and learning new things from it. Here, we have compiled a list that will help satisfy the bookworm in you.

• The Perks of Being a Wallflower - This book is so good that it has become a major motion picture. It tells the story of Charlie, who is an introvert, and is trying his best to go through adolescence without being the center of attention. He then finds friends that will help him get through his struggles, and thus, started a beautiful story that every high school student would definitely relate to.

• Wonder - August Pullman is an extraordinary young boy born with a facial deformity. He isn't scared to push society to its limits (in a good way). Watch this boy stand out, and we are pretty sure you will relate to this guy right here.

• Looking for Alaska - In this best-selling novel by John Green, we meet Miles Halter, a high school student who is finding a boarding school in Alabama. Get a grip on the struggles of looking for one, and how it must feel like going through all that alone.

• Home - This book is a visual treat in all its entirety. Home is a book that is filled with pictures of how different homes look like. Each one represents a different culture, country, and region. As they always say - there's no place like home!

• On a Beam of Light - This narrates the story of Albert Einstein. How he went through life, how he went on with his discoveries, and basically, how we was as a child. This book is like his autobiography, but made interesting and simple.

Go forth and enjoy these books! Happy reading!