Interesting Asian Student Rituals During Finals Week

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Interesting Asian Student Rituals During Finals Week

Date posted: Mar 30, 2016       Posted by: Marie France Adraneda

We all have habits and things that we usually do. It might be a habit you're not fully aware you're doing, or a thing that you do over and over again.

Some people have certain "rituals" that they follow, whether it's for an exam, a tradition, a wedding, etc. We compiled some of the most interesting "before finals rituals" from students all over Asia.

  • Students from Japan consider Kitkat as a lucky charm. Why? Because over there, they pronounce Kitkat as "kitto katto", which means "surely winning" in the Japanese language. They bring or eat it before or during their final exams.
  • In Hong Kong, students eat a serving of apple before entering the exam room. "Ping Guo" means "apple" in Chinese, which also means "safety". They believe that eating an apple before the exams will bring good luck to the students, making them pass their finals.
  • There's this student from South Korea who refuses to wash his hair before finals week. He believes that he will "wash out" the knowledge from his head/hair, and thus, he refrains from washing his hair before the important event.
  • Chong Wong, a studend from China, admits that his personal ritual involves eating noodles for breakfast on the day of his final exams. In Chinese tradition, noodles symbolizes "smoothness", meaning everything will go smoothly. He also admits to wearing or taking his lucky watch with him during the exams.
  • In India, it is believed that eating curd and sugar will bring them good luck for their exams.
  • In China, red is considered a lucky color. Many students belive in this, which prompts them to wear red clothes during the exams.

There is nothing wrong with following or doing a certain ritual as long as you're not hurting anybody in the process. To each their own, and good luck with your exams!



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