Tips in Writing a Better Essay

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Tips in Writing a Better Essay

Date posted: Apr 20, 2016       Posted by: Jarric Bon Creencia

The best students enjoy writing essays more than anything because they can share and express their thoughts and ideas through words. They create a comprehensive argument about different topics—from simple to complex ones.

Do you want to take essay writing to the next level? Here we give you some strategies that will help you create an impressive essay. Read on.

  1. Improve your vocabulary - always prepare a dictionary and thesaurus as much as possible, these things will help you to construct better sentences. Avoid using the words repetitively; some people overuse the word “also”, for example. Improve it by using words such as “furthermore” and “moreover”.


  1. Read other essays – reading other people’s essay not only helps you gather ideas that might be beneficial when you write your own material but it also enhances your writing skills. Try to read essays regarding different topics and categories. The more types of essay you read the more ideas, strategies and writing tips you will get.


  1. Practice – Practice makes perfect- this is also applicable in writing essays. Make sure to create an essay draft, read it few more times, edit and revise. You can also ask your parents and friends’ help. They can proofread your material and give constructive feedback and comments.


  1. Composition, punctuation and tone – No teacher wants to receive an essay material that is full of grammatical errors, not to mention incorrect use of punctuations. Make sure to read through the material and check for errors. In addition, essay is a comprehensive and formal material that each student needs to accomplish. Make sure your material is informative, engaging, interesting hence not boring.


  1. Share what other people say – You can include quotations, phrases and inspiring words from popular personalities in your essay.

These are just some tips to help you create a better essay.

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