Guidelines for an Effective College Visit

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Guidelines for an Effective College Visit

Date posted: Apr 27, 2016       Posted by: Jarric Bon Creencia

Every graduating high school student’s dilemma is finding the right university where they can study for college.

Some students invest time in researching different universities in order to find where they fit perfectly, putting into consideration the course and career they want to pursue, their education background and skills.

If you are one of the many students who are checking out a list of colleges and universities to go to, we can help you. Here are some points to consider in finding the perfect university and planning your college visits. Have a look!

  1. Take a virtual tour – Most of the universities nowadays have their own respective websites where you can see the college’s campus, staff, facilities and services at the comfort of your home.
  2. Feedback is important – Do you know someone who studies in the same university you are checking? Talk to them and gather feedback about the school’s professors, policies, environment, services, etc.
  3. Take the actual tour – Visit the school physically. Explore the facilities such as the library, dining hall, student center, study rooms, etc. This will give you the look and feel of the campus.
  4. Read the bulletin and campus news – While you are busy roaming around the university, take some time to read the bulletin boards and school newspapers so you can be updated about the school’s events and issues.
  5. Document your visit – You can’t remember all the things you encountered in the college visit; take a picture or video to document your trip.
  6. Ask for some online help – post in different student forums and social media groups to get some feedback about the school/university of your choice.


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Hope these information help! Good luck!

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