Tips to Stand Out On Your College Application

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Tips to Stand Out On Your College Application

Date posted: May 18, 2016       Posted by: Beulah Joy Lejano

As a college applicant, you are probably looking for ways to turn your college application game a notch. The usual ways, of course, are by acing your SAT and ACT exams, and by having good grades in high school. Although these are surefire ways to get you into college, there are things that you can do to increase your chance of getting into that dream college of yours.

Here, we list down some tips on how to stand out on your college application:

  1. Create a short list explaining why you should apply to a certain college. Remember that with college application, research is the key. Our generation is fortunate enough to be blessed with advanced technology, so make good use of it. List down your positive attributes and what you’re good at, and see how well it fits with the college’s virtues and strengths. Every college has their own teaching styles; make sure to research on that and see how well it fits your learning style.
  2. Consider applying to your preferred college early. Applying to get in for the early decision binding is a very wise thing to do, especially if you want to get picked and secure a slot in your dream college. This shows the college that you are eager and dedicated to get into their school, one thing that admissions officers are always looking for in candidates.
  3. Show them that you are truly interested in getting in. College admissions officers usually tend to accept applicants who show real and sincere interest with their application. If you can, visit the campus and talk to the admissions officer, so that they can give you a tour. Ask questions, as this will let them know that you are interested and dedicated to getting in. If you can’t visit, just make sure to contact them in any way you can: write them an email, give them a call, or inquire through social media.
  4. Exert enough effort to stand out. If you are given the chance to write optional essays or expand on your extracurricular activities, then by all means, do it. Colleges love it when you exert effort, as it shows them that you are dedicated to getting in. Take note of the deadlines as well, and make sure to always meet them.

By following these tips, you’ll be soaring high in college. Now, go forth and make your college dreams come true!

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