Secret to a Thriving University Life: IBDP Extended Essay

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Secret to a Thriving University Life: IBDP Extended Essay

Date posted: May 25, 2016       Posted by: Beulah Joy Lejano

Did a double take on that? No, we’re totally not kidding you. Your IBDP Extended Essay experience will play a vital role for your success in the university.


According to a research project conducted by the University of Virginia in the United States, the Warwick University in the United Kingdom, and the McGill University in Canada, IB graduate students who had taken part in the EE are more confident and more prepared in tackling their university studies than their non-IB counterparts.


IBDP is designed to prepare 16-18 year old students for success at university and life beyond through an academically challenging but balanced curriculum. There are six courses under the program: language; second language; experimental sciences; the arts; math and computer science; and individuals and societies.


The Extended Essay, a compulsory requirement, consists of a 4,000-word essay plus a 300-word abstract designed to test a student’s capacity for independent, in-depth research on a subject and topic of his or her own choice but related to any one of the six DP areas of study.


Former IB students who were part of the study confirmed three things:


First, that they believed that the learning benefits of completing the EE helped them in viewing college work as a powerful tool for enhancing academic learning outcomes rather than another set of complex memorization of information. This approach to learning improved their self-efficacy skills, among many others, which helped them appreciate their university life better.


Second, that they believed their EE experience helped them in developing better critical thinking skills when it comes to university studies. The stress and rigors associated with the EE experience made them capitalize on their ?strengths and identify their particular interests, which made college life more enjoyable.


Third, that they believed completion of the EE exposed them to a structured but well-rounded kind of training that helped in making them equipped for college-level coursework, especially those involving research. They also confirmed that the research skills they acquired can prove to be beneficial for future success – both inside and outside the university.


During the course of the research project, the researchers found out that the IB students who completed their EE have a sense of pride and achievement, making them more prepared and more confident in overcoming challenges and difficulties in the university.

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