Online Education: Why It Works?

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Online Education: Why It Works?

Date posted: Jun 15, 2016       Posted by: Beulah Joy Lejano

According to the 2015 annual parent survey conducted by Getting Smart Advocacy Partner and Connections Academy, parents choose to enroll their children in online virtual school either full-time or part time for a variety of reasons – the most significant are the following:


  • It offers them greater flexibility. (46%)
  • It provides a different kind of environment than what they have in their local schools. (43%)
  • It assures them of a safe learning environment. (34%)
  • It allows them to have more involvement in their child’s education. (26%)
  • It helps to ease dealing with health concerns. (16%)
  • It minimizes the possibilities of being exposed to bullies. (9%)
  • It gives students more freedom to pursue other activities such as in arts or sports. (5%)


Technology-enhanced education has truly revolutionized the landscape of learning for the last few years and it is evident that more and more parents are taking advantage of this phenomenon in order to prepare their children for the future. Though we cannot refute the strength and integrity that traditional brick and mortar schools offer in providing quality education for students, a virtual environment is a no-holds-barred platform which allows students – whether ordinary, gifted, or special – to realize and reach their full potential with maximum satisfaction.


One of the key factors why online education thrives and works in this century is because of the resolute belief of parents that they must forge individualized and customized education pathways for their children in order to meet their specific needs and hone the special capabilities.


Because of the plethora of options when it comes to educational empowerment, it is no surprise that parents would want to support their children’s desire for learning by navigating through a complex maze of online educational opportunities that are already available.


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