Key Characteristics of an Ideal Online Education Provider

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Key Characteristics of an Ideal Online Education Provider

Date posted: Jun 22, 2016 08:59 AM       Posted by: Beulah Joy Lejano

    Imparting your children with the essential 21st century learning skills can help in reducing the gap between what they acquire in a traditional educational setting and what they actually need to experience success in an increasingly competitive, globally-minded and technology-infused work environment.

    The question is: How can parents prepare their children with the valuable skills necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce?

    That’s where online education comes in. Whether a student is formally enrolled in a conventional school setup or is homeschooled via virtual learning, online education can prove to be an excellent platform for equipping them with the essential 21st century learning skills.

    But before you expose your children to virtual learning, here are key characteristics to look out for when choosing an ideal online education provider:

1.    Curriculum

An ideal online education provider offers courses that align to the national curriculum standards. Its programs and services should also utilize an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to develop high critical thinking skills and to have real-world connections across multiple disciplines.

 2.    Course Design

Online courses are not heavily reliant on dormant correspondence-based interaction; rather, they are student-centered to maximize dynamic discussions and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

 3.    Teacher Role

Teachers must have the proper training and certification consistent with the courses they teach. They should also be actively engaged in updating their skills with necessary training, coaching, and professional development in order to meet each student’s individual learning needs, style and schedule. 

 4.    Assessment

A specific and detailed set of assessments should be clearly stated as part of the programs and/or services being offered to determine if the student has learned the necessary course content. 

 5.    Management System

An ideal online education provider has user-friendly management system: easily-accessible registration and course content download buttons, simple and straightforward payment and checkout process, friendly support database, 24/7 help desk, to name a few.

 6.    Retention Rate

One factor to look into is past student success. A course design or delivery that allows for an almost 100% student passing rate means that the online class is doing its job effectively. 

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