Your Ideal University: The Right Fit For You

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Your Ideal University: The Right Fit For You

Date posted: Jul 05, 2016 03:58 PM       Posted by: Beulah Joy Lejano

Are you in search of the right college or university that fit your specific set of criteria? Do you want to know if, in return, you would fit the criteria also set by any of these academic institutions? This guide can help you with that process so read on.


Identifying Basic Criteria

Your specific personality and academic standing are your most important consideration when starting your college or university search. And because each has unique needs, values and expectations about a campus, choosing the right one is pertinent to your success in and out of the university! By identifying what’s important and eliminating non-essential matters early on, you can focus on just a handful of schools that would be a perfect fit for you.



Some students prefer the comforts of home or at least being just a half an hour plane ride away from home while others are ecstatic about the idea of studying on the other side of the globe. There are some who consider year-round sunshine a must for their mental health while others do not mind experiencing a more diverse climate setting. College is both an educational experience and a life journey, so consider the type of location you hope to experience when going on a campus search.



Do you have a flexible attitude or a relatively restricted personality when it comes to your surroundings? Think about the place you grew up and how much or how little change you are willing to subject yourself into. Aside from the four corners of the campus, what is it that you want to explore? Does the city nightlife appeal to you the most or the concept of the great outdoors?



Colleges and universities come in all sizes but which one is better for you? Large schools have a healthy selection of student services and endless outlets for growth and development. Smaller campuses may offer individualized and more focused attention for a more in-depth personal experience.



When choosing a college or university, there are different considerations to look into such as their stand on ethnic diversity or religious affiliation, among many others. Does a university that specializes in one field of education, like medicine, seem more attractive to you? Would you prefer a college that devotes more of their time and resources to teaching and learning or to research?