9 Productive Summer Activities for High Schoolers

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9 Productive Summer Activities for High Schoolers

Date posted: Jul 11, 2016 11:16 AM       Posted by: Camille Chavez Yalung

    It’s vacation time! But it doesn’t mean students have to end learning. Actually, this is the good phase to discover new knowledge. Right here, Teachers-to-GO! listed 9 productive summer activities that will keep high schoolers pro-active and fun this break!

  1. Visit universities and colleges - gain an in-depth knowledge about the courses offered by the school and the prospect to meet professors.
  2. Join academic programs - Rotary clubs from high rank universities offered academic programs to help students discover their possible fields of interest. Scholarships and financial assistance is also offered to pupils who want to join.
  3. Be part of a volunteer work – find chances in the community to boost social and relationship skills develop self-confidence and meet new friends and contacts.
  4. Travel to different places – have a trip to places that will enhance your learning ability about the culture, customs and language. This experience helps the student to grow and look at the brighter side.
  5. Read books – self-help, classic, history, fiction, non-fiction, brain power books etc., drive the potentials to understand life, improve vocabulary, empower writing style, and sharpen the minds of the readers.
  6. Get a summer job – experience working with professionals. This will give students knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of a certified employee.
  7. Engage in entrepreneurial activities – provide time to add extra income and meet connection that will help you in the future.
  8. Involve in physical activities – reward yourself a healthy living by doing exercise, engaging in sports and making an action that will make you sweat!
  9. Enroll online educational platform – virtual learning are growing in popularity. Don’t missed out to be ahead in learning new thing using the World Wide Web. Meet new teachers around the world and give yourself an educational achievement.

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