How to Write Your Personal Statement

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How to Write Your Personal Statement

Date posted: Jun 01, 2015       Posted by: Teachers-to-GO!

How to Write Your Personal Statement

Written by: Kathy Tan


Think carefully before writing, this is the part where you will sell yourself, and you must do it in a remarkable and positive way.

Light but solid

Take a stand or find an angle that you will able to give justice.

It is known that the most effective way to engage people into something is to hit their emotions, but a gloomy atmosphere can damage your chance of getting in. Instead use intelligent metaphors, a touch of humor can also make your statement light.


Create a rhythm in your sentences, think of the right words that fit one another. A statement with good rhythm is always nice to read, apart from that it will also give unity and direction to your statement. Avoid clichés and create a new path but be sure to make it concrete and clear.

Don’t be too informal and establish the right tone. Being too informal can set the reader off, remind yourself that you are applying for a university. A too formal tone can also be risky, don’t substitute highfalutin words to substance.


Write the reason why you are applying and why you are suitable for that university. Highlight your strong points and achievements, and balance it through being humble and generous. These universities are not only looking for intelligent students, they are also looking for upright citizens for their community.

Your grades in school will not define you as a person, your character will. Be enthusiastic, direct and sincere.

PEP & KISS (Proofread, Edit, and Polish, & Keep It Short and Simple)

Too many errors can be way too distracting hence it will make your statement harder to understand. No matter how great your story is, grammatical errors can make your chance smaller. Logically sound statements are more convincing, but remember to back up everything you say.

It is a must to proofread and edit what you write. Don’t edit it too much though, you don’t the heart of your statement might get edited too. And, your statement’s length does not affect its quality, it’s better to keep it short and simple.

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