Eureka! (So many things to do! So little time!)

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Eureka! (So many things to do! So little time!)

Date posted: Jun 02, 2015       Posted by: Teachers-to-GO!

Eureka! (So many things to do! So little time!)

Written by: Kathy Tan


Czarina’s Blog entry,

Apart from various tasks, with regards to my study, there are greater things I am expected to accomplish. I am student, but not a student alone, I am also a leader. I am leading a generation who stands up for their own and speaks their own voice; I am a leader who embodies the whole student population.

There are so many things to do and I worry that I have so little time. Like the opportunity to learn from the kid who always sits in the corner of the library but says ‘Hi’ whenever she sees me. That one time Hiroshi asked me to attend a painting class with him. I worry that I am missing a lot, so I try to make more time for these things.

So here, I will share 6 things I do to get things done.

  1. Start!

We all know that doing this is one of the hardest things to do, especially in a hot Sunday morning or in a lazy windy afternoon. Starting is hard but once you start, everything will follow! Don’t wait for the mood, it might never come. But you can always make one!

  1. Organize and Systematize

As a spontaneous person, I used to hate systems. It made me feel as if it’s limiting my creativity. Systems will ask you to do this, then that, and then this again. But listing what needs to be done, makes it easier for me to accomplish everything without forgetting something.

  1. Set time and schedule

Allotting specific time and duration to a task, help me accomplish more of my duties. And if I can finish it sooner, I can always have more free time for other opportunities.

  1. Take responsibilities

I’m a leader and I can’t do things for other people and not be accountable for it. I cannot let them down, so I always put in my mind that I should be responsible to whatever I do since I wouldn’t be the only one affected with my decisions.

  1. Give time for myself and reflect

Doing reflection can be time consuming but doing so can help you become a better person. I always give time to myself and reflect with what I did to place knowledge in my room for improvement. Every night I would ask myself, did I do the right thing? Is there a better way to do that? Despite accomplishing the task efficiently, will it matter in the long run? Or even for a short period of time it would be worthwhile?

Apart from this list, another thing that helps me the most as a student is Teachers-to-GO! They offer variety of services which are perfectly aligned with the students’ needs. I do a lot of things; of course, I miss a lot of things as well. Teachers-to-GO! help me cope up with my studies through After School Online Classes. All I needed to do is schedule a time and a teacher and there! Convenient tutoring classes!

To be Continued…