8 Types of Teachers that you will Meet in School

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8 Types of Teachers that you will Meet in School

Date posted: Sep 13, 2016 10:28 AM       Posted by: Teachers to GO!

8 Types of Teachers That You Will Meet in School

Written by: Beulah Joy Lejano


1.       The Cool Guy – They are usually the funny ones, even though you hate school, having them as your teacher changes your mind.
2.       The Gone Girl – No, nothing like Amy Dunne, but they are usually gone, nowhere to be found.
3.       The Old Man – They seem to know a lot about life and knowledge and everything you should learn,
                                   but due to their weak voice you can’t understand anything.
4.       The Philosopher – They know a lot about life, they will give you rhetorical questions that will keep you thinking for days.
5.       The Authoritative – They will bombard you with their house rules and they are as scary as the terror ones.
6.       The Terror – You hate going to his/her class, you’ll face a bigger trouble.
7.       The Counselor – The most mother/father like of all the teachers, they will believe and bring out the best in you.
8.       The Storyteller – They always have something to share about their lives, it sometimes takes up the whole class hour.


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