How Teachers-to-GO! Is Reinventing Online Learning

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How Teachers-to-GO! Is Reinventing Online Learning

Date posted: Oct 12, 2016 10:59 AM       Posted by: Teachers to GO!

Teachers-to-GO! (TTG) is at the forefront of education, revolutionizing the power of digital technology to cater to the needs, not only of students but of teachers and professionals as well.



TTG is a part of Paradigm Global Education & Management Co. Limited (PGEM), an independent international education consultancy group based in Hong Kong with offices in Singapore and the Philippines.


Founded by educator Anthony Bernardo in 2012, TTG’s goal during that time is to provide an online platform that can help students realize their potential, cultivate their mind, and hone their concentration, memory and academic prowess in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.


Today, TTG is a one-stop shop that provides top-notch, customised, and end-to-end services to students, education professionals, and academic institutions and organizations from around the world. 


Student Services

TTG makes it possible for students to get a better-rounded and more comprehensive understanding of their school subjects, whatever curriculum it may be, through its services: LIVE! 1-on-1 Tutoring and Homework HELP.


TTG also offers Online SAT/ACT Test Preparation, Language Learning Courses, and University Counselling/Campus Tour Programs for students in need of such services. 


Teacher and Administrators Placement Services


The recently launched TTG-TAPS was established to provide an effective way to recruit teachers for schools who are in need of quality professionals in education.  TTG-TAPS uses technology to promote its teachers to all schools.

Advisory Services


TTG also has an excellent Advisory Team of business entrepreneurs and managers, heads of school, curriculum developers, language and communications experts that can provide expert assistance to anyone starting or managing a new school.

Strong Dedication to Noble Vocation


According to educator Anthony Bernardo, TTG is an online education platform where students, teachers, and professionals will be guided through attainable objectives, realistic timelines, and quality expectations. ‘We are not in the business of promising the moon and stars, but we guarantee a world-class service that can lead to your success.’