Eureka! (Oppa and The Miracles in December!)

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Eureka! (Oppa and The Miracles in December!)

Date posted: Jun 03, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

Clara’s Entry

Omg. Omg. OMGEEE! I’ll be in Korea to watch my oppas’ concert in December!

I’m so excited! I just found out about it this afternoon! I was actually planning to surprise my parents about my awards this coming graduation, but look who’s more surprised!

I used to be just a normal student, but it doesn’t mean I excel, just a normal boring Clara. It was early last year when I was browsing the internet when I came across this Korean Pop song. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the music, because duh! I know next to nothing about the Korean language! Surprisingly though, despite not understanding anything about the song (apart from random English words) it was pretty catchy!

Soon I found myself listening more to their song, watching their variety shows, and browsing some Korean dramas. Then I unconsciously adapted expressions from their language, like ‘OMO!’ which means ‘Oh my!’, ‘Annyeong!’ which means ‘Hello’. And oh, ‘oppa’ which literally translates to ‘older brother’ but is used by females only.

I never really planned to learn the language, but I guess it’s part of being a fangirl. Luckily Teachers-to-GO! has their Language Courses! I am just so glad that TTG has been helping me a lot, whether be it academically or things like this! I’ve been availing their service for a while now.

It started when that random kid, Kirk, who gives out flyers in the hallways, handed me one. It just so happened that during that time, I was having a hard time with my math subjects! Isn’t he a savior!?

LIVE! 1-on-1 Online Tutorial and Homework HELP! (which helped me a lot!) were the only services I avail, but the teachers were so helpful I couldn’t help myself to try Language Courses! It’s been 3 months since my online tutorial started, I’m still working on my enunciation but according to my tutor I’m doing a pretty good job! (But it’s all thanks to her!) I hope I can speak the language by December, I hope my conversational Korean is good by then!

I thought this, fangirling, will make me a bad student, but instead my oppas became my inspirations! Since then I always make sure I have time for my studying and my fangirling. Sometimes I couldn’t believe that I was able to do this, to juggle all this things all at once. I wouldn’t be able to do this without Teachers-to-GO!’s help and I’m just so thankful that that random kid gave me that flyer!

To be Continued…