Short Story: Santa Claus is Gone

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Short Story: Santa Claus is Gone

Date posted: Dec 21, 2016 01:42:33       Posted by: Teachers to GO!

    December 24: the day that the kids have been waiting for. Such an exciting day as they can’t wait to open their presents, especially the ones that Santa will be giving them! As we all know, Santa Claus is very in demand during Christmas, especially with the kids. He distributes gifts from house to house, making sure each kid he’s giving the gift to has behaved very well for the whole year.

    This year, all the kids are anxiously waiting if they will receive a gift from Santa Claus. Lara is pretty sure she has been a good kid for the whole year of 2015, but still, no gift in sight. She starts to wonder whether she has done something wrong to disappoint Santa, but she can’t think of any. She decided to sleep it off and ask her friends the next day.

    The next day, Lara went out to ask her friends if they received a gift from Santa. None of them ever did that year. They were all sad and wondering why Santa didn’t show up this Christmas. Lara then said goodbye to her friends and then started walking. While passing the park along her neighborhood, she noticed a small little guy wearing a green suit and a pointy hat sitting beneath a tree.

    Lara then realized this little guy is an elf! She then approached him immediately. “Hey there, what are you doing all alone and sad here in the park during Christmas time?” Lara asked the elf. “I don’t have anything else to do. During this time of the year, me and Santa usually make presents for kids like you, and then distribute them during Christmas Eve.” The elf exclaimed. Lara was shocked. She did not know that this was Santa’s elf. “Where is Santa anyway? Why didn’t you and him make presents this year, and why isn’t he around?” Lara asked quite angrily. “Santa got very disappointed with the kids this year. He has been observing, and most of you have changed. You never follow your parents’ orders anymore. You refuse to join them at the dinner table and instead, you just play with your iPad and Cellphones and Laptop. You spend too much time on electronics rather than with your family and friends!” The elf exclaimed. “Oh… that. I didn’t realize that until today! Now that you mentioned it, I am thinking of coming up to my friends and discussing this with them. I am sorry, little elf. We did not want to disappoint you and Santa. I have to go and do my duties now.” Lara said with a guilty tone, and the elf just nodded.

    Lara then went on to talk to her friends. She explained why there weren’t any gifts this year, and that they all have to change not only to receive gifts, but to be better kids to their parents. They all agreed to do such. The families then started to become closer and tighter. Kids now regularly talk to their parents, and they eat at the dining table with them. They study whenever they have to, and they obey every little thing that their parents ask them to. And they made sure that they are doing this not only because they have to, but also because they want to. They were better children.

    Santa Claus and the elf were very happy of the changes. They were back to their old selves, and they were also back in the business of making gifts for the good kids. They were excited to bring back the spirit of Christmas, and very happy to be giving gifts once again. At last, he can say “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” once again with his elf and his flying reindeers!