Eureka! (Making a Difference in my students – even online!)

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Eureka! (Making a Difference in my students – even online!)

Date posted: Jun 04, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

William’s entry

Yes. Yes. I made my passion my profession! Now who wouldn’t be envious of that? Kidding aside. But who wouldn’t want to do their hobby, the thing that they enjoy the most, the thing that makes them happy, for the rest of their life? Of course! Any human being, who has the chance to do so, will do so!

I am William and I am a teacher.

Let me share with you, a little history of how I found my passion for knowledge. It all started with a little desire to learn, learn the little things around me. Like, why does waving my hand in front of me means ‘Hi!’ why does a change of tone gives a sentence a different meaning? Why does ‘hold me’ may produce several meanings from different people? Language, all the wonders of language.

Soon enough I found the answers, as I grew older I also grew interested and fell in love with the beauty of language.  I was so into learning more and more about the language that when I went to college, it’s the only major I have in my mind. I’m a high school teacher in Hong Kong and I’m teaching MYP English. Despite the fact that I’m a bit older now, I know I still have to learn a lot, from the new technology and of course from my students.

Oh, I remember! Apart from teaching in a real classroom set up, I’m also teaching in a virtual classroom setup! I’m a tutor at Teachers-to-GO! My student, Kirk, that kid who goes around giving flyers, approached me and asked me if I could be an online tutor. I thought what he meant by an online tutor was we’re just going to use an online video call, I didn’t know he was referring to an online tutoring website. I’m forever curious so I searched it up and look; I’m an online English tutor now!

Teachers-to-GO! is also convenient, all I needed was my computer with a good internet connection. I am just so glad that I can teach more students from around the globe (and not to mention, earn extra income!) I’ve been referring my co-teachers to Teachers-to-GO! they should definitely try it! And also, all the students out there! I guess you already know where to go if you want to experience quality tutorial from quality and passionate tutors? The only answer I could come up is Teachers-to-GO!

To be Continued…