Infographic: Why e-learning is Perfect for Millenials

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Infographic: Why e-learning is Perfect for Millenials

Date posted: Apr 11, 2017 11:32:59       Posted by: Teachers to GO!

In a workforce full of Millenials, using your technology well is key to corporate survival. In the face of fascination with technology like VR and self-driving cars, here are a few reasons elearning is perfect for Millenials right now.

01 It’s efficient
There is perhaps nothing so valued to a Millenial than technological efficiency. In a world where a long wait for a browser to load is >3 seconds, there is a pressing need for things to be fast, and eLearning is the perfect solution.

No longer will employees be willing to sit for hours in front of a lecture on workplace safety; instead, elearning fits the bill for being both fast and efficient, featuring courses that are no longer than 25-30 minutes, and often as shorts a 5-7.

02 It’s mobile compatible
Millenials are unique in that from the time most of them could walk they were operating on some kind of mobile device. Whether it’s a phone or an iPod or a tablet, nearly every Millenial is attached at the hip with one device or another.

This makes mobile ready learning all the more fitting for the Millenial learner. With courses that can be accessed in the office or on the go, there is nothing stopping our digital natives from training wherever and whenever they want.

03 It’s information based in experience
With lifelong access to devices, Millenials have learned to absorb information like nobody else. Whether it’s news, statistics, or useless facts, there’s nothing a Millenial can’t take in, and with elearning it’s no different.

Elearning is not only easy to access and efficient, but it’s perfect for the Millenial because it combine information (which Millenials absorb with professional speed) with experience (which keep them interested) in each course.

Unlike traditional training presentations or lengthy slideshows, interactive elearning provides the right environment for your Millenial employees to learn quickly and effectively.

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