6 Ways to Ace Your SAT and/or ACT!

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6 Ways to Ace Your SAT and/or ACT!

Date posted: Jun 08, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

Every student who wishes to take these exams, prepare themselves to pass or even excel. These 3 – 4-hour exams can make or break someone university/college plans. And as the saying goes, ‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, but don’t worry, sit back and read as we give you tips in taking the exams.

The result will still depend on you, on your performance, but little tips won’t hurt your chance of passing.


  1. Prepare

Before everything else, prepare. Prepare your calculator with good batteries (SAT), admission tickets, valid identification card, and #2 pencils. You might also want to bring food that will keep your energy high, extra clothes in case the test centers’ climate is cold, and a watch.


  1. Relax

Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the exam. If you’ve prepared enough for this big day, you will be able to do it. Relax and be confident before, during, and even after the exams.


  1. Read carefully

Of course, who doesn’t during exams? But sometimes we tend to be a little excited and nervous that we don’t get exactly what we read. Calm down and read every question carefully.


  1. Try to eliminate choices

You read the question and you’re clueless about the answer, yes it happens. If you’re taking ACT, do this only if you can narrow down your choices, but if you can’t eliminate 2-3 choices then just leave it blank. Doing this in your SAT is a little risky, as you get deducted a ¼ point for every wrong answer. If you really can’t come up with the least wrong answer, move on to the next question.


  1. Answer correctly

This means both answering the questions correctly and putting your answers correctly. You must pay close attention whether you are placing your answers in the correct number or not. We don’t want to miss the chance to pass, don’t we?


  1. Don’t doubt yourself

Be confident. Don’t change your answers, unless you are certain you answered incorrectly. Don’t overthink during your exams, you don’t have the time of the world.


Again, your chance of passing will still depend on you and what you do; it’s all in your hands. But if your wish to get extra help for your exam reviews, PGEM’s Online SAT and ACT training platform is proven to be effective in helping students prepare for their SAT or ACT tests.  This online learning platform helps you unlock your dream SAT and ACT scores.  To know more, visit SAT/ACT TEST PREP Website

Try to fit these tips in your heart as they might come in handy during your exams! Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!