Eureka! (An Exciting Summer to Look Forward to!)

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Eureka! (An Exciting Summer to Look Forward to!)

Date posted: Jun 16, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

Hiroshi’s Entry

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to me!~



Congratulations to me for achieving 18 magnificent years in my life! I can’t wait to move forward to the next big phase in my life, college!


Jeremy, my best friend, gave me a small brown notebook with a sticky note on the first page saying “Move forward, follow your heart and it will lead you to your dreams! Happy birthday, best bud!”


He’s the only one, excluding my parents, who know my clandestine dream to become a writer. Now, in few months I’ll be in college, I couldn’t wait for more!


Well my parents’ gift to me is, drumroll please… a summer in the USA!


Most of us, graduating students like Minsu and I, had been extremely busy preparing for our College/University plans. Oh, you know him already right? Minsu. He’s a childhood friend, we just grew farther apart when we started going to school, but we’re still friends because of our parents.


So, the reason why my parents came up to this gift is all because of him, he kinda told my parents of what he’s up to this summer. Since my parents knew me too well, they looked for something that will fit me better and tada! Pre IBDP Summer School Harvard and MIT, USA! (It’s also a program under PGEM)


I will be there for 3 weeks from July 4 to July 24, 2015. I will live in Harvard University and study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)!


The program will cover all aspects of the IB Diploma, from content to key skills needed to be a successful IB student. Some of the Deans will be looking after all our non-academic needs and provide exciting and varied activities in the afternoons and evenings, and 24-hour pastoral care.


There’s an additional morning class in Theory of Knowledge to prepare us for the Extended Essay. Oxford Study Courses also offer a programme of optional social activities in the evenings and a weekend trip.


One of its best perks is, the grades I earn in year one of the IB Diploma will be used to support my university or college applications. This course will set me up to get the most out of my first year of study and to attain the best grades I possibly can!


How I wish I could tell everything about it, but it will be too long. So if you wanna know more about it, you can visit or email them at Join me and let’s have an exciting summer together!