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Eureka! (Teachers-to-GO! Making Lives Better!)

Date posted: Jun 19, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

Kirk. Kirk. Kirk. Everyone has been talking about him lately. He’s becoming quite popular and everyone’s asking ‘what’s with that kid?’ So to clear things up, he asked me to write his story for you. A little history of that kid who goes around and give flyers, that kid who is my best friend.

I met him when we were in elementary, I was a transferee from China. I barely knew any word in the English language, above all, the American culture.  I had gone to school for 2 consecutive days without talking to anyone until a boy a little taller than me, said hello in his poor imitation of a Chinese accent. Since then, even with the language barrier, we became extremely close.

That kid is Kirk. Both of his parents are teachers but when he was born, her mother stopped teaching and focused on being what she is, a mother. It was after several years when his mother wanted to go back doing her passion, but due to her responsibilities, it’s better for her not to stay out of home for too long. But nothing can hinder someone’s passion, she searched the internet until she found an online tutoring website– Teachers-to-GO!

She once told me that it was just right for her, it was what she was looking for in that very moment. She can teach even without leaving the house. She can still live her passion despite having other but not lesser responsibilities. It was also Teachers-to-GO! who helped Kirk with his Mandarin speaking skills when he befriended me. As an American kid, it was hard for him to learn Mandarin, the pronunciation, the phonetics, everything is totally different. But somehow, I manage to tell him that it would be better if we would meet half way. So he recommended Teachers-to-GO!

I learned the language faster and like Kirk and his mother, I too, am very thankful for Teachers-to-GO! I must say he grew so attached to the online platform because it was what made her mother whole again and it was what made him gain a best friend. So, that is Kirk’s story.

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