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Date posted: Jul 27, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

PGEM can help you with its University Counseling Programme!

 There are four reasons why PGEM is the answer to your university problems.


  1. We want you to achieve your university dreams!


PGEM has a pool of quality counselors who can help you with your university decisions. Their apt experience in helping students to get into their prospect universities will be vital for your decision and application.


  1. We want you to Stand out from a pool of elite candidates


Every year numerous aspiring bright students take their chance to get into the best universities, the competition is way too strong. How can you pass? Apart from your own personal skills, our experienced counselors can help you stand out.


  1. We will help you manage your path to university


Good university planning starts early and can take several years to implement. The critical components for a successful admission are strong discipline, good organization and solid guidance from an experienced university counselor. Let our university counselors help you plan, prepare and execute your admissions strategy, and successful entrance to the University of your Choice!


  1. Leverage our university counselor network


With our counselors’ decade-long experience with helping the students to plan, execute and achieve their university goals, they have developed wide, network of contacts among universities and academic institutions around the world. Through these networks, we can give you the latest information on what universities are looking for, and that will obviously add to your chance of a successful application.



Apart from all these reasons, our main goal is ‘your admission, our mission’. PGEM’s world class service, truly personal approach, and commitment to excellence can guarantee you that with our guidance we can help you achieve your dreams!

If you are interested, you can visit our page at or email us at


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