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ACT Tips

Date posted: Jul 09, 2015       Posted by: Kathy Tan

It is important to be confident during your exam, but that’s not enough. Remember, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


These are not cheat sheets, but these can help you boost your ACT results.


  1. Do all things carefully


From reading the instructions and questions to answering and shading, calm yourself down and do all those things carefully.


  1. Watch your pace


Be careful, but not too careful that you’ll spend too much time on a single question.


  1. Don’t waste time


You can answer the easy questions first and go back to the hard ones later. You can also try to eliminate wrong answers to get the correct one. And if you finish early, recheck your answers.


  1. Bring what needs to be brought


Do not forget to bring your admission ticket, a photo ID, a calculator, and no. 2 pencils and eraser. Also, mobile phones are not allowed, if you need a timer, you can use a watch.



ACT is not easy but if you prepared and practiced enough, there’ll be a higher chance for you to pass and get a high score.


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