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LIVE! 1-on-1 Tutoring

Live! 1-on-1 Tutoring

We guarantee better grades - we open a world of knowledge using our own online tutoring platform

While independent study is essential for a well-rounded education, there are some instances where additional support is needed outside of usual class hours. Here at Paradigm Gem, we understand the need for support that is convenient and reliable, which is why we offer online tutoring services in Hong Kong. This assists students with their assignments and ensures a thorough understanding of the class materials.

No matter what you need assistance with online, English tutoring services, assistance with history or even a personal project, our LIVE! 1-on-1 Online Tutoring sessions can cater to your needs. These sessions usually consist of an hour of tutoring, which is conducted through our own online facilities equipped with interactive video call, whiteboard and live chat.

During the hour session, the teacher is able to speak directly with the student in order to determine the best way to improve their work and boost their knowledge and understanding of subject matter and what is expected. This is the perfect time for the student to ask questions and get thorough feedback and detailed answers that will enable them to continue to work to the highest standard.

Struggling with subjects such as chemistry, economics, psychology or English? Our tutoring services covers a wide range of topics with teachers who are experts in their fields. To get started, simply choose from our large list of available teachers by viewing their profiles. Availability can be viewed online and a booking can be made.

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