Terms and Conditions and Partnering Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service of Using the Teachers-to-GO! Service

The provider and operator of the Service is Paradigm Global Education & Management Ltd. further referred to as PGEM.

Sect. 1 (Definitions)

1. Terms of Service - mean these Terms of Service of using the Teachers-to-GO! Service.
2. Service - means the Teachers-to-GO!'s Service made available by the Company on http://www.teachers-to-go.com
3. Services - mean services provided via the Teachers-to-GO!'s Service, particularly allowing the registered Users to make contact with other Users of the Service, also for the purpose of mutual assistance (cooperation) in learning any branch of knowledge.
4. Company - means Paradigm Global Education & Management Ltd., (PGEM) provider and operator of the Service.
5. User - means each user of the Teachers-to-GO! Service.
6. Client - means each entity using the services provided by the Company and described in the Terms of Service.
7. User's Profile - means a place in the Service available for a User, via which he or she enters data in the Service and manages the data entered.

Sect. 2 (Principles of Using the Service)

1. Each User is obliged to use the offered services in a way compliant with the law, the Terms of Service, Terms of Service of a given service, as well as with the principles of social conduct and good practices. A User is particularly obliged: not to carry out any actions hampering the use of the Service, not to carry out any actions infringing privacy of other Users, including using the data of other persons as his or her own personal data, as well as to not to place, collect, process and supply other data commonly regarded as indecent, as well as any content infringing the law or personal or property rights of other persons.
2. Using the Service and individual services is free of charge, unless the Terms of Service or the Terms of Service of individual services state otherwise. A User is not entitled to put forward any claims against the Company due to introducing charges for using the Service or individual services, as well as due to a presumptive resignation from the charges; a User is especially not entitled to claim any money paid by him or her or to put forward a compensation claim for any damages incurred due to introducing charges for using the Service.
3. A User must not send via the Service any advertising or promotion correspondence which was not ordered (spam), as well as must not use the Service to put forward and receive social offers.
4. The Company is not liable for the content of private messages sent by the Users via the Service.
5. In case of not obeying the principles of these Terms of Service, the Company is entitled to block the User's Profile without stating the reason.

Sect. 3 (Type of Electronically Provided Services)

1. The Company provides services which are electronically provided services. The Terms of Service of providing individual services constitute attachments to these Terms of Service.
2. In order to implement the services the Company makes the Service available to the Users. Having met the conditions necessary to implement a service the Users may use the services available in the Service.
3. The Company also allows the Users registered in the Service the access to other functionalities specified in sect. 6 item 3 of the Terms of Service.
4. In the case of a payable service, the service is implemented immediately after transferring by the User the funds necessary to implement the service to the bank account indicated by the Company.

Sect. 4 (Terms of Providing Electronic Services)

1. The condition to use the Service is to accept the Terms of Service and register a User in the way specified in the registration form on the Service's website, which is particularly based on providing the following data:
a. User's name
b. User's country of residence
c. E-mail address
d. Password
2. Registering in the Service is voluntary and free of charge.
3. The Company makes available for the Service's Users such functionalities as: search engine of teachers or students, profile, contacts, notebook, reminders, calendar, outbox and inbox, option to attach didactic materials.
4. In the result of a registration there is set up a User's Profile to which the User has an unlimited right of access. The User is entitled to correct the data it contains, including the right to remove the image (photo).
5. Attaching an image (photo) to a User's Profile is voluntary, and attaching it is equal to approving of using it in the Service.
6. In order to implement some services the Client provides the Company with his or her e-mail address and a phone number. Providing the e-mail address and phone number the User agrees to receive information about the stage of implementing individual services.
7. At the moment of providing his or her personal data the User expresses his or her voluntary approval to place and process the personal data specified in these Terms of Service in the Company's data bases. Personal data of the Users are protected by the Act on Personal Data Protection, are processed exclusively to implement a service and will not be made available to other entities. Processing of personal data for marketing purposes requires a separate consent of the User.
8. Approving of personal data processing for marketing purposes is equal to agreeing to receive from the Company, to the e-mail address or mobile phone number(s) provided, information about special offers, promotions and competitions, as well as about the products and services of the Company or entities it cooperates with.
9. The Company is the administrator of the personal data of the Service's User.
10. A Client (Student and Teacher) is entitled to review his or her personal data, as well as to correct or remove them.

Sect. 5 (Terms of Concluding and Dissolving an Agreement on Electronically Provided Services)

1. Concluding and dissolving of agreements on electronically provided services takes place exclusively through the Service.
2. The agreement is concluded if a Client registers himself or herself in the Service, having confirmed that he or she learnt and accepted these Terms of Service. The Client may at any time resign from the services provided on the basis of these Terms of Service.

Sect. 6 (Complaints)

1. The Company enables the Users to table complaints by electronic means and for this purpose provides the Company's e-mail address: info@teachers-to-go.com
2. The subject matter of a complaint is implementing a service by the Company in the way infringing the terms and conditions specified in the service's Terms of Service.
3. A complaint must not be based on: Referring to the circumstances connected with improper functioning of the Internet search engine or telecommunication lines Infringing the Terms of Service' terms by a User Other circumstances connected with the activities taken by entities for whose actions the Company is not liable.
4. If a complaint needs to be completed, the Company asks to provide the details about the service implemented.
5. The Company considers a complaint within maximally 14 days from the date of receiving it.
6. If considering a complaint is impossible within the aforementioned time limit, the Company informs the User about it, stating the reason and expected time of submitting an answer.

Sect. 7 (Stipulations)

1. The Company is not a party to or participant of any legal obligations or relationships set up by the Users using the Service.
2. The Company reserves the right to: change the principles of using the Service or its individual services, remove or modify the contents and functions of the Service or its individual services, prevent a User the access to the Service or its individual services without the necessity to justify the reason for such a change.
3. In case of maintenance works the Company is entitled to temporarily suspend functioning of the Service or its individual services.
4. The Company reserves the right to fully suspend the Service's activities. If it happens, a User is not entitled to put forward any claims against the Company connected with losing his or her data placed in the Service.
5. The Company is not liable for the information, photos, materials, content of comments and messages sent by the Users, or for any effects of using the materials and information obtained via the Service by a User or another person.
6. A User uses the Service and services provided by the Service exclusively at his or her own risk.
7. The Company is not liable for lack of implementation or improper implementation of the obligations arising from these Terms of Service, if such lack of implementation or improper implementation of the obligations results from circumstances beyond the Company's control despite maintaining due diligence (Force Majeure).
8. The Company is not liable for potential settlements between the Users, created in the result of using the Service or its individual services, nor is it liable for potential settlements with tax bodies appropriate for the Users, arising from cooperation between the Users. The Company is not liable for any damages and losses incurred by the Users, particularly arising from cooperation between the Users within the Service.

Sect. 8 (Final Provisions)

1. These Terms of Service of using the Teachers-to-GO! Service and the services provided electronically via this Service have been issued in compliance with the Hong Kong Act on electronically provided services.
2. The Terms of Service specify the principles of using the Teachers-to-GO! Service made available on http://www.teachers-to-go.com as well as of the services provided electronically via the Service by Paradigm Global Education & Management Ltd., rights and duties of the Users and of the Company.
3. The place of carrying out the actual and legal activities connected with functioning of the Teachers-to-GO! Service is the registered office of Paradigm Global Education & Management Ltd.
4. Paradigm Global Education & Management Ltd.. owns exclusive rights to the Teachers-to-GO! Service's content, which is protected by the Act on Copyright and Derivative Rights, as well as by the Act on Industrial Property Right.
5. The necessary condition of using the Service and individual services is to learn and accept the Terms of Service specified below.
6. The Terms of Service are a document passed by the Company's Management Board whose powers also include changing them any time. The Terms of Service are changed by making new Terms of Service available on the Service's website. The Terms of Service come into force after 14 days from making them available in the Service.
7. A Client is entitled to object to the changes in the Terms of Service within 14 days from making the changed Terms of Service available in the Service, provided that lack of objection within the aforementioned time limit is understood as accepting them with the effect on the day when they come into force. A Client sends an objection to the following e-mail address: info@teachers-to-go.com
8. A Client's objection is equal to his or her terminating the agreement on electronically provided services, provided that it does not affect mutual obligations of the Users as concerns using the Service.
9. By registering in the Service a User confirms that he or she learnt the content of these Terms of Service and accepts their terms.

Attachment #1 - Terms of Service of the Paid Ads service

1. A person using the Paid Ads service may be each User of the Service.
2. The Service's User registers in the Paid Ads service by purchasing any number of Points worth USD 1 each.
3. A specific value of the Points is intended for the advertisement chosen by a User.
4. The pricing rules of individual forms of the Profile's advertisement are listed on http://www.teachers-to-go.com/faq.html
5. Having issued the payment by Paypal to the Company's account paypal@teachers-to-go.com, the account in the User's Profile ("the Account") is supplied with the value of the Points purchased.
6. A User may use a free number of Points for highlighting or illuminating ("the Advertisement") the Profile in the search any time.
7. If a User wants to use sponsored listing for the User's Profile, he or she chooses a maximal budget of the Advertisement (a specific number of Points), its daily limit and cost of click. Each click of the User's Profile by another User leads to reducing the budget by the cost of click. After running out of the daily limit, the User's Profile is not listed as sponsored.
8. An advertisement of the User who sets up the highest Advertisement's budget, daily limit and highest cost of clicking will be positioned at the top of the Service's search and other areas of the website reserved for sponsored listings until the established daily budget is run out.
9. Having run out of the Points a User has a possibility to supply the Account again in the way described in items 2 and 3 of this Attachment.
10. If a User decides to remove his or her Profile, the information about the number of Points which are still available will be sent to the e-mail address provided while registering in the Service. Those points may be used for another registration in the Service and Paid Ads service with the same e-mail address.
11. Complaints on functioning of the Paid Ads service should be made by e-mail to the following address: info@teachers-to-go.com


The videos provided by PGEM at Teachers-to-GO! platform are clips uploaded at Youtube.com and are merely shared on this website for reference purposes only. Our company has no proprietary interest in these clips and will assume no liability for the unauthorized use or the misuse by the viewers. Please do not attempt to download and/or corrupt these clips or this website.

The following FREE educational videos are clips uploaded from various sites, for sharing purposes ONLY!

Partnering with Teachers-to-GO! - YOU agree to cooperate fully with Paradigm Global Education & Management Co. Limited (PGEM) in performance of services pursuant to this Agreement. (For Online Tutors only)

Typical duties and expectations include:

  • planning, preparing and delivering lessons online
  • devising and producing teaching materials to supplement actual online teaching e.g. PPT, audio, video etc.
  • attending to online teaching sessions on time
  • communicate with TTG staff on a timely manner
  • provide appropriate feedback on online tutoring sessions
  • For Homework HELP! - you agree to send constructive feedback/comment/s of students work in a timely manner. Feedback should be emailed to student within 24 hours upon receipt of booking confirmation and receiving of student’s (revised/initial) work
  • promote PGEM Teachers-to-GO! to friends and students (encouraged but not required)
  • basic administration, such as keeping student and evaluation records provided by TTG Team

PGEM will provide/do the following:

  • the online tutoring platform
  • payment system through PayPal
  • booking system for teachers and students
  • actively promote teachers (for the first 6 months)
  • arrange payment to teachers on a monthly basis through telegraphic bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal or other means

Limitation of Liability. In no event shall Teachers-to-GO! be liable to YOU, for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or similar damages, arising out of or in connection with the performance or non-performance of this Agreement, or for any claim made against YOU by any other party, even if TTG has been advised of the possibility of such claim.

Miscellaneous. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between PGEM (Teachers-to-GO!) and YOU with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, with respect to such subject matter. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Administrative Region, excluding its principles of conflicts of law.